Finally! After months and months of speculation, Apple has officially confirmed their “big media” event that’s going to happen on September 9th of this year. While this date has been long-rumored to be a big Apple event, Apple had neither confirmed or denied it, until now that is. While they confirmed it, what all will take place at the event is still a bit vague. Many (if not all) believe they will announce the 2 new versions of the highly-anticipated iPhone 6. Many are also starting to believe the ever-illusive iWatch will also be unveiled. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see. After all, September 9th isn’t all that far away.

Take a look below at Apple’s official announcement:

Apple Confirms September 9th Event

This is a pretty rare move for Apple – usually we at least know something about the event before the big day – but not this time. The “more” is going to be a popular topic over the next couple of weeks while everyone debates what Apple will and won’t unveil.

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SOURCE: Engadget