With everything else seeming to evolve with the time, going to the doctor is just about the same. You usually have to call for an appointment, wait however long it takes to get you into the office, go to the office, wait in the waiting room, get weighed and measured on the scale, get put in an exam room and tell the nurse what brings you to the office, wait by yourself for the doctor to come into said exam room, and then explain everything (again) to your doctor. Then, if you’re lucky, the doctor has an answer to everything right on the spot, gets you just the right prescription, and you’re feeling better within a couple of days.

Oh, to be honest, there are certain online and telemedicine options, but they’re fairly limited in their scope. HealthTap is a service that lets you ask questions and get answers online from doctors. It’s pretty popular and already has around 10 million users who actively use the service, which is free. HealthTap has recently expanded their services, though, and with a new option called HealthTap Prime, they are giving users unlimited text messaging and video calling to doctors all over.

HealthTap Prime Lets You Video Chat With Doctors Anytime

The obvious benefit is that users will be able to get in touch with a doctor within just a few minutes, avoiding all of the hassles mentioned above.  There is an added cost associated with the service, of course, and HealthTap Prime members will be required to pay $99 a month. Users will also have to pay $10 per each family member who uses the service.

While I probably wouldn’t use something like this, I see its value nonetheless. What do you think? Do you think there’ll be a day when most of us “go to the doctor” via Skype-like services instead of actually physically going to the doctor’s office? Let us know your thoughts regarding this story in the comments section below!

[Image via DoctorCareAnywhere]

SOURCE: Techspot