One thing I really do like about Smartphones is the ability to take pictures.  I remember way back in the day when I first got a Siemens S55 with a detachable camera.  The images were rubbish, but I had a phone with a camera and it was awesome!

These days the camera on my iPhone is better than most of the compact cameras I have mucked around with over the years.  So when Android apps such as Photo Sphere appear on iOS, then I just have to have a play around and see what sort of images I can come up with.  Nerdy, yes, but I don’t care and neither should you.  If you have Smartphone I strongly suggest you head over to your app store and bag Photo Sphere and follow this very short guide.

Take awesome panoramic photos like this using Google Photo Sphere

Take awesome panoramic photos like this using Google Photo Sphere

For those of you who are not familiar with Photo Sphere, it is a 360 Panorama capable imaging app.

Basically all you need to do is stand in one place, next launch the app (obviously).  Now touch your shutter button and some virtual dots will appear on your screen, which is in coordination with the scenery around you.  Next you can move the camera around you in a stop-start sort of action, capturing an image on each one of the virtual dots, until you have a full panoramic image.  For a ‘fuller’ picture you can repeat the process but this time tilt and rotate the camera as you take the images.  Just imagine you are standing on the inside of a globe looking outwards.  If you don’t quite get what I mean  – check out the Google Video below.

Once you’ve captured all of the images for your panorama, the app will automatically stitch everything together. You can now scroll around the image with your finger to see everything As with most photo apps, you can upload it.  This app allows you to publish your images to Google Maps.  There is also ‘Views’ this basically is a repository for all of your Photo Spheres, and from there you can share your images.

I recommend navigating to Google Views and check out some of the amazing Spheres.  Currently, the Photo Sphere Camera app is free on iOS, so check it out.

[Image via dcpg.wordpress]