It’s not been a very good past couple of days for Hewlett Packard (HP). They’ve recently had 29 reports of some of their power cords which had been charred and/or melted while plugged in. Amid these reports, some of them reported people being burned by the cords, and quite a few also reported property damage as a result of the cords getting too hot.

Since power cords which possess a fire hazard are nothing to mess around with, HP got right to work and recalled around 6 million of the cords, which are the LS-15 AC power cords. This is the fairly common AC power cord found with HP and Compaq notebook computers, as well as some docking stations and other accessories. Most of the cords are being recalled here in the U.S., while around 400,000 are also being recalled in Canada.

HP Forced To Recall 6 Million Power Cords

If you have one of these cords in your possession, HP will give you a free replacement cord. If you are one of the six million people with the defective cord, HP warns you to unplug the cord(s) and stop using it immediately.

This is certainly not good news for HP, as they already seem to hang towards the bottom of the barrel when it comes to reports of their devices malfunctioning.

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[Image via Betanews]