LG only started shipping the LG G Watch in June, after Google I/O wrapped up, but the South Korean electronics giant already wants to get the successor out of the doors, offering a more premium smartwatch for interested buyers.

There are currently two Android Wear smartwatches available, the G Watch and Gear Live, Motorola will be bringing the Moto 360 later in the year. The LG G Watch 2 is apparently being developed to compete with Apple’s premium iWatch, coming later in the year.

LG G Watch

The report, which comes from Korea Times, a rather valuable source for South Korean news and rumors, claims LG will make the G Watch 2 with other third party brands. This includes well known watchmakers, who might be able to spruce up the design.

LG will also make the G Watch 2 display OLED instead of IPS, helping with color saturation and dark hues. We expect the successor will also feature more metal than plastic, since the original G Watch came off as the cheaper option for Android Wear fans.

Internally, LG has spread out operations between various subsidiaries, like LG Innotek for the display and LG Chem for the battery. This could provide major upgrades on both of these areas, hopefully battery life on the successor will be longer than one day.

The weirdest part about this whole report is the fact LG is looking to pitch the G Watch 2 at IFA, next month. This means the G Watch will only be the flagship for three months, a very short time frame and one that will lose a few of LG’s customers.

Still, in the every growing world of smartwatches, perhaps having a shorter time frame will allow more growth in the market. We might even see the G Watch 2 named something else, in order to avoid confusion.