The “big news” from 2K Games has been revealed, but it might not be what Bioshock fans were hoping. Original Bioshock will be ported to iPhone and iPad, allowing gamers on mobile to experience the 2007 video game that started the trilogy of games.

2K Games has been one of the biggest video game publishers to push mobile remakes of popular video games. Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto has been ported onto iOS and Android in the past, Bioshock looks like the next franchise.

bioshock on iOS

Bioshock will be available to play on iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and on the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. It is not the largest lineup of available devices – leaving out the original iPad Mini is a bit of shame, considering the millions of people who still use the tablet.

The redesigned mobile game will feature touch-screen controls similar to Grand Theft Auto. 2K Games has always priced their mobile ports at fair but higher than usual mobile game prices, in order to maintain the quality of the video game and not sink it to $0.99 territory.

In early tests, Bioshock on mobile appears to stay true to the 2007 console version of the video game, but the effects quality has been lowered. This does show the low quality of graphics on mobile still, as both Apple and Google stress “console performance” on their mobiles.

No official price or release date has been announced by 2K Games. The port should work fine for most mobile gamers, but for players who have previously played the console game and have a working console or PC, we would recommend trying the higher-quality version.

It will be interesting to see the price on the mobile port, considering Bioshock has been available for next to nothing on PC Steam sales more than once.

[Image via Eurogamer]