How do you like you boss(es) at work? Are they good at their jobs? Are they fair? Do they make good decisions? What happens when things go wrong in the workplace – how do they react? It’s obvious there are good and bad bosses out there, but if a recent study from MIT has anything to say about it, if workers want to consistently have a good boss, they should work under a robot. That’s correct – MIT believes that humans generally work better when their boss is a robot. I guess robots don’t have good and bad days, they don’t get sick, they don’t have to take lunch breaks or vacations, they’re impartial when it comes to employees – in other words, robots make perfect bosses.

Indeed, it seems the workplace of the future will undoubtedly include robots. Techbeat has already reported about a restaurant in China that is almost completely staffed by interactive robots, and it seems like that will only just be the beginning.

MIT recently performed a study in the manufacturing field where sets of 2 human workers had a robotic boss. At the end of the study, they determined that workers were much more productive under the non-human boss. They discovered that robots could make decisions on the fly without having to have a meeting about it, they could change plans with no big deal, and overall, they were much more effective.

I wonder how the robots would go about going over someone’s evaluation with them? We may soon find out.

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[Image via Fanart.TV]

SOURCE: Business Insider