When you accidentally delete a file on your computer, it can be really frustrating and you feel like a fool.  But all is not lost when you accidentally delete an important file that you have been working on.  You can recover it with Recuva.  This great application is a free tool, which helps you to restore those accidentally deleted files!

Recuva can help you scan your system for 'lost' files.

Recuva can help you scan your system for ‘lost’ files.

There is a wizard that you can follow if you like, when you first start up Recuva.  This will guide you through the recovery process.  It is optional and you can disable it from starting up if you don’t want to use it.

To start, you now need to choose the type of file that you are trying to recover.  If, for any reason, you are unsure of the file type then just click on ‘Other’ to show all the files.  This feature is also handy for those obscure file types you can come across.

Next you can select the location of where the file was located.  You can choose to scan removable media, or specific directories.  You can even search everywhere on the computer that files can possible be stored.  Now you just wait while Recuva scans your computer for deleted files.

The results of the scan will show the file(s) and a green or red dot next to them.  This will let you know just how likely they are to be restored without any damage.  All you need to do now is click ‘Recover’.

The options that are available to you are varied and you can set to change the way the application scans for deleted files.  There is a Deep Scan feature that undertakes a more thorough search, but it takes more time.

Recuva can find deleted data, even if it has been emptied from your Recycle Bin.  The software is powerful, but if the files have been securely deleted, corrupted, or overwritten, sometimes you are not able to recover them.  It is a good idea to use Recuva as soon as you realize that a file has been deleted.

You can download Recuva from FileHippo.com today.

Recuva is developed by Piriform, the same firm that brings you other trusted applications such as CCleaner and Defraggler.

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