Ever since I watched Iron Man for the first time back when it first came out, I have been waiting for the day when the world took its cue from Tony Stark and built a suit worthy of the Marvel hero. While robotic suits and exoskeletons have been talked about for a long time, especially in conjunction with military warfare, we really don’t see many people regularly using them in day to day life. But some of the Daewoo shipyards in South Korea have been using robotic suits for a while, and it’s really helping their worker’s productivity.

As long as a worker is between 63 and 73 inches tall, they can wear a robotic exoskeleton that enhances their own strength to grant them super strength. The suit itself weighs around 60 pounds, and is comprised of hydraulics, carbon, steel, and aluminum alloy. As long as someone is wearing the suit, they can lift an additional 70 pounds with no added difficulty. In a lofty goal, it is hoped the suits will be able to lift up to 200 pounds sometime in the days to come.

These Robotic Suits Give You Super Strength

These suits will power up a worker for 3 hours before they need to be recharged, which is obviously well short of an entire work day. Perhaps in the future they’ll be able to last a whole day before the batteries drain. But look at the bright side – for 3 hours, they’ve pretty well got an employee with super-strength. I wonder how many “human” hands one exoskeleton replaces.

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