If you’re like most smartphone owners, you plug in your phone before you go to bed and expect it to be fully charged when you wake in the morning. Once you plug it in and hit the pillow, you don’t really think about your phone, other than hoping it doesn’t ring and/or wake you up before you have to get up. I’ve never really worried about my phone catching fire or melting in my bed while I sleep, but according to one Texas family, that’s exactly what can happen!

A 13-year-old girl hailing from North Texas plugged in her Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone before she went to bed one night last week. Some hours later she awoke to a burning smell and eventually discovered a melted pile of electronics under her pillow. The pillow was also badly burned, as you can clearly see in the image below.

This Galaxy S4 Melted While Charging!

The family reached out to Samsung, who is graciously sending them another phone. And while the exact cause of the problem has yet to be discovered, it seems the teen was not using an original Samsung battery with the phone, and the phone was also underneath her pillow while charging, which Samsung warns against.

Thankfully, this fire was caught before it was able to spread further in their home. It just goes to show all of us that we must use extreme caution even when plugging in our devices before we go to sleep at night. Always follow your device’s recommended charging instructions so as to prevent something like this from happening in your home!

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[Image via Yahoo]