The one thing that I don’t like about using my Mac is the amount of duplicate files I accumulate.  I suppose the very same thing happens to me when I use my Windows machine, but because I use my Mac more often, I end up with more duplicates. And I hate having more than one version of a file for no good reason. So, it is important to know how to remove those pesky duplicate files.

Free up system space by deleting duplicate files with Gemini.

Free up system space by deleting duplicate files with Gemini.

I like to use a great little program called Gemini.  The application will quickly locate and remove duplicate files from your Mac. The simple user interface will allow you to drag and drop your folders into Gemini and this is where they will be scanned for identical file traits. If any duplicates are located, a quick click on the Auto Select button is all that is needed to delete them forever.

Simply start the application and click on the + symbol.  A dropdown window will now appear; giving you the option to choose which folders you wish to scan.  This is particularly useful if you only want to scan for certain media types, such as AAC files in iTunes, for instance.  Now you need to highlight the folder you want to scan and click Add and Scan.  If Gemini locates any duplicates, you can see them by clicking the ‘Show Results’ button.  Now you can choose which versions to delete and which versions to keep. The files will appear under headings of Pictures, Documents, Folders and Other. You can select the file version to appear by size, type, name, count, selected and path.

Gemini uses unique algorithms that make scanning and removal fast and trustworthy.  The Gemini application ensures that you will keep at least one version of each duplicated item, so you don’t need to worry about wiping out anything permanently.

You can download Gemini from, today.

[Image via mactricksandtips]