All companies have problems. Some of those problems are pretty common across the board, such as meeting the budget, hiring/firing the right people, meeting customer needs, meeting quotas, etc. And then there’s some companies who have problems none of us have really even dreamed of, such as Google. It seems they’re having to deal with sharks. Now, it’s tempting to think of certain individuals as “sharks”, but Google means it quite literally. Their progress at taking over the world ocean is actually being slowed down because sharks in the ocean keep on eating all of their undersea data cables.

It turns out Google operates thousands and thousands of miles of fiber-optic cables around the world, and some of them happen to be in the ocean. And, for some unknown reason, sharks have been trying to eat them. Maybe they’re not Google fans, I don’t know. So, Google has lately had to take some steps to pretty much encase their data cables in a “Kevlar-like” material. Either way, those cables can’t be good on the digestive system.

Sharks Keep On Eating Google's Underwater Cables

It remains to be seen if reinforcing the cables will have any effect on the sharks who are trying to eat them. Maybe it will make them more persistent in the long run.

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SOURCE: Gizmodo