Toshiba have launched some serious storage media prior to today, and they have definitely made their mark on the world of tech.  They cater for home based solutions as well as enterprise initiatives.  If they keep snapping up firms like OCZ and creating better and better SSD’s and HDD’s then I can’t see them going far wrong.

The latest offering from Toshiba is no exception to quality. The MD04ABA-V Series has just launched, included is the company’s very first 5TB 3.5”, low RPM HDD.  The drive was specially developed for those guys who want something reliable for the world of surveillance applications.

Toshiba's New MD04ABA-V Series Surveillance HDD's Will Have A Lower Environmental Impact

Toshiba’s New MD04ABA-V Series Surveillance HDD’s Will Have A Lower Environmental Impact.

In fact, the Toshiba MD04ABA-V series was created to be used in applications like surveillance digital video recorders (SDVR) / hybrid SDVR and surveillance network video recorders (SNVR).

How capable is the Toshiba MD04ABA-V series? For a start, the hardware is able to handle surveillance applications, which offer support for up to 32 high definition cameras.  I don’t know about you but I think that’s reliable and flexible.  The Toshiba MD04ABA-V series supports 24/7 operation and will additionally incorporate rotational vibration (RV) sensors.  This is so it will be a suitable solution for use in RAID/multi-HDD based surveillance platforms.

The HDD comes with a massive 5TB of storage space.  This is great for customers who are wanting to beable to retain higher resolution surveillance video data for longer periods.

This will have a lower impact on the environment with time, as a lesser number of hard drives will be required and therefore will leave a smaller storage footprint and lower energy costs.

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[Image via itpro]