There has been an interesting turn of events this week in the social media sphere.  Twitter may possibly be planning a move into the e-commerce field.  A number of different users noticed a new, and apparently inactive, setting for “payment and shipping” inside the Twitter Android app.

Is Twitter making an e-commerce move?

Is Twitter making an e-commerce move?

This setting was first highlighted by user @am_Bix, who came across the currently unusable option, concealed within the settings menu.  And @am_Bix is not alone in his findings, as at least four other Twitter users have taken screenshots of the same menu bar.  This news is the latest ‘evidence’ that hints Twitter is gearing up for a move into commerce. It was reported in June of this year by Re/Code that a “buy now” button began appearing in tweets, linking to retail website, Fancy. Re/Code also came across documents, which appeared to show commerce plans for Twitter.  It has also been rumoured that Twitter has been working on a deal with payments provider Stripe.

Obviously at this point in time it is all just speculation, and is very unclear as to what Twitter has planned.  The ‘payment and shipping’ option in the Android app does seem to tie in with other clues that have surfaced.

This e-commerce menu is perhaps the most intriguing piece of ‘evidence’ that has come to light though.  If this were the start of an e-commerce initiative by the social networking giant, it would give brand names a fresh reason to engage with Twitter.

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