Hearing about Ubisoft, EA and Activision’s budget when it comes to big titles might shock a lot of movie fans, who think big movie budgets are huge. When hearing about Star Citizen crossing $50 million in funding, all on in-game development, it is really strange, considering Cloud Imperium Games is not a huge company.

Cloud Imperium Games was created by Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander, the 1990’s Space Flight simulator. Roberts is the face of Cloud Imperium, he does most of the press announcements and it is his creative vision that brought Star Citizen to life.

Star Citizen

Since the start of the Kickstarter back in 2012, Star Citizen has gradually grown from a space combat and trade simulator to add in other genres like first person shooter, massively multiplayer online and co-op, amongst other small mini-games like racing available.

This has all come from rewards after a certain amount of money is reached. Star Citizen will receive a new feature after $1 million in donated, most of these rewards include custom spaceships, but some have included new CGI, first-person shooting, racing and even their own Alien languages.

Can Star Citizen live up to the hype?

This is the biggest question on everyone’s mind, even those who are not that interested in Star Citizen. If Cloud Imperium Games succeeds and the game released works and offers all of the things they promised, it might be the best game to ever exist on Steam.

If it fails, or even if it falls short of success, Star Citizen will not just be branded a failure, but the whole idea of crowdfunding a game and adding reward lists depending on amount donated will be considering a bad way to develop a game, pushing too much hype on the developer.

Cloud Imperium understand the risks, they are the ones who continue to add new backers rewards, but the truth is we still only have a 2015 release date as an estimation, and we might not actually see a finished product till well into 2016 or 2017.

This means Star Citizen is still just in the development stages and Cloud Imperium has no publisher to really force them to release it at a certain time. This does take a lot of pressure from the developers, who might need another two years to really make the game perfect.