Blink is the new, smart, wire-free home monitoring and alert system in HD.  This kickstarter project is promising to be easy and inexpensive.  For $69, backers will receive a remote video camera and motion detection unit.  Or, if backers require two units, they can have them for $119.  Not a lot, considering the prices of other brands of alert systems.

Currently, there are 4,700 backers who have pledged $684,888.  The initial goal of $200,000 was obliterated so now the unit will include a 105-decibel siren alarm.

Blink: Home Security Made Easy.

Blink: Home Security Made Easy.

So what does the Blink unit do exactly?  It connects to owners WiFi via a Sync Module and basic settings are controlled by Blink’s smartphone application.  The unit can be mounted anywhere in the home and does not require an external power source.  You can also purchase more than one unit so that devices can be put all around the home.

Any motion in the unit’s vicinity will trigger the video to record 5 seconds of footage in HD.  The recording will then transfer to Blink’s secure servers in the cloud.  Alternatively, you can change the settings so that recordings are stored to a USB stick.

The application allows live-streaming mode so you can see what it going on at home.  As it records, an audible beep lets you know its recording.  An LED light also glows to let you know its recording. An LED illuminator with a low-light recording feature ensures that you can see any anomalies, day or night.  Also, there is a microphone built into the unit so you have sound as well.

If your WiFi is down, you receive an alert on your smartphone.  The app also allows you to set up schedules to arm or disarm your device.  The cloud can store up to 7200 seconds of video.  Once the limit has been attained, the oldest clips are automatically deleted.  Blink can also sense the temperature of your home and will send alerts to you if you set up the system to do so.  As of September 4th, the Blink project will end it’s funding drive.  Units purchased will likely be shipped in May 2015.

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