Canada’s economy certainly seems to be getting stronger lately, as they are getting a little bit of help from the Man of Steel himself. In case you missed it in 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint decided to honor Superman with some commemorative coins. Now, in 2014, they’ve decided to come out with four other collector coins with Krypton’s last son adorning them. Many of the coins feature prominent photos of Superman taken from iconic comic covers, such as him lifting the car from Action Comics #1, or one where Clark Kent is ripping open his shirt and exposing the world-famous “S” shield.

The coins, available only for a limited time, come in silver and 14-karat gold. Have a look at some of the coins in the images below.

Canada Mints Official Superman Coins

Since these commemorative coins are meant to be collector’s pieces, they don’t come cheap. They cost anywhere from around $70 to $750, depending on the coin. Naturally, the gold coin is the more expensive of the four. If you do shell out the money for one of the coins, you do get a nice display box to keep it in.

How big of a Superman fan are you? Would you collect these coins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

If you would like to purchase some of the coins, you can do so here.

[Images via CBC & ComicsAlliance]