Apple’s own iMessage app, which comes gratis with Mac OS X, is a great app.  However, it does have a drawback: it doesn’t allow cross platform messaging (Which is Really important!). Well, all is not lost! Just download the latest version of Viber: an application for Windows, Mac and Linux, which allows for messaging across platforms.

Viber is freeware, which provides two key functions. There’s text chat, which is much like SMS messaging, but with the ability to send images too. Then, there’s voice calling; Viber boasts high definition audio for superb quality and clarity.

One outstanding feature of Viber is that it allows users to transfer a call from one device to another – a superb feature that its competitors inexplicably lack.

Viber: Cross Platform Messaging.

Viber: Cross Platform Messaging.

Viber Key features include:

Easy Viber connection using an existing phone number, making signup really simple.

A range of graphics – named Stickers – that can be sent between contacts for free

Complete cross-device support for Windows, Mac and Linux (Ubuntu).

Free calls and messages to any country in the world.

Mobile apps to continue the conversation on the go.

With support for WiFi and 3G and an ad-free interface, Viber is quickly gaining pace. For calls to regular phones, try its add-on service, ViberOut.

So what are you waiting for? You can download the latest version of Viber, today from