Comedian Will Ferrell announced on Wednesday of this week, an effort to battle cancer by offering gamers a chance to participate in a two-hour gaming event with him in San Francisco.

The initiative was launched on Indiegogo and it aims to raise US$375,000 for non-profit organizations, Cancer for College and Donate Games.  Basically, the deal is a gamer will be required to contribute at least $10 for chance to play.

A single randomly selected person will win an all-expenses-paid trip to San Francisco, including the opportunity to play games with Ferrell on Oct. 26 of this year.

The non-profit organization, Cancer for College, gives scholarships to cancer survivors. The funds that are raised through this latest effort will allow the organization to offer 150 new scholarships for cancer survivors.

Will Ferrell is calling all gamers to enter for a chance to play him in San Francisco.

Will Ferrell is calling all gamers to enter for a chance to play him in San Francisco.

Ferrell said in a statement, “Our two-hour gaming extravaganza will be live broadcasted on Twitch for the world to watch, allowing everybody to watch in awe as I, Will Ferrell, show off my gaming skills and crack jokes with fellow top gamers and surprise guests!”

There will also be a variety of other perks, prizes and giveaways, he said, including a tube of Will Ferrell’s SuperMegaUVBlastMax Gamer’s Sunscreen, apparel, and a signed XBox 360 controller amongst other things.

Ferrell has three sons, and all three of them are gamers, as is Ferrell himself.

This effort by Ferrell has brought to mind the recently popular (ALS) Ice Bucket Challenge, Lewis Ward, IDC’s research director for gaming, informed TechNewsWorld, “When I see things like this, it brings to mind the idea of celebrities helping to raise funding for charities through public acts of dorkiness…I think because gamers tend to be tech-savvy and are online often, they’re probably more likely than other demographic groups for this kind of online fundraising,” Ward speculated. He continued, “This is probably going to be a huge hit after the fact on YouTube and elsewhere…I suspect this isn’t the last time we’ll see something like this, I think it will probably be part of a larger trend.”

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