It seems you can’t drive anywhere these days without seeing at least one distracted driver on the road with you. People do all kinds of crazy things while driving, such as: applying their makeup, texting their entire contact list, reading a book (or an e-book), flossing their teeth, and/or browsing through Facebook while behind the wheel. A young woman from North Dakota is facing some pretty serious consequences for doing the latter. It turns out Abby Sletten, of Hatton, ND, was checking her Facebook while she was driving 85 mph down the interstate. As a result of being distracted, she slammed into the rear of another vehicle without even braking at all. Sadly, the 89-year-old woman in the other car died as a result of her injuries.

Drivers in North Dakota are not permitted to use cell phones at all while behind the wheel.

Driver Using Facebook Kills Another Driver

After the accident, police confiscated Sletten’s phone and determined that she’d been looking at Facebook as well as texting people at the time of the accident.

She’s been charged with negligent homicide and could spend up to 5 years in prison. Do you think that’s a fair sentence, or do you believe she should’ve been put behind bars for a longer amount of time?

One thing’s for certain – more and more people these days are driving distracted, whether it’s due to Facebook or something else. Do you think this is a problem? Let us know your thoughts regarding this story in the comments section below.

[Image via DailyInbox]