You may not have to ride on a rocket to get to space in the coming decades if Obayashi Corporation has anything to say about it. The Japanese construction company fully believes they will have a working elevator that climbs to space by the year 2050. I can say I have plenty of theories about how we’ll get to space in the years to come, but I never considered an elevator before. Apparently, though, they (among others) believe it’s completely possible thanks to carbon nanotechnology. The big hiccup in the process right now is that they haven’t been able to make long enough cables to reach the heavens.

Their plan is for the elevator to reach 59,652 miles into space, and it would be able to efficiently transport passengers and cargo to a space station. They say they can also offer these services for a lot less money than is currently possible, shaving thousands upon thousands of dollars off of the cost of getting to space.

An Elevator To Space By 2050?

Just imagine – in 26 years, if you want to go to space, you might not have to book a flight on a space shuttle; you might just have to schedule a ride on an elevator. There is no word right now on how long the elevator ride might take to get to space, though. I for one sure hope there will be some good music as well as comfortable chairs and bedding.

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[Image via i09]