Who would have thought that Tesco would jump on the technological bandwagon and create a tablet!  But that is exactly what the supermarket chain did last September!  Although it wasn’t much to brag about, the Tesco Hudl was ok for the money. Tesco had planned to also bring out a smartphone but this month, but they have announced their plans of updating and improving upon their original tablet.

Will Hudl 2 arrive as expected on October 3rd?

Will Hudl 2 arrive as expected on October 3rd?

An event coming up on the 3rd of October will probably be the day they launch their second generation Hudl.  In fact, on their website, a new section has become available for registering for updates on the Hudl 2.  The section even offers multi-coloured tablets, which obviously suggests they will be offering colour variety.

According to Tesco, the device will improve in practically every way; screen size, speed, design and accessories will all be upgraded.   Let’s hope the low price, which was its strong point, remains as low as it is now!

As of right now, the first generation Hudl has a 7-inch screen, 1GB of RAM and a 16GB internal storage, which is capable of expanding with a Micro SD card.  It is powered by a quad-core Rockchip RK2188 processor.  The rear-facing camera is 3-megapixels while there is a 2-megapixels front-facing camera.  Android 4.2.2. is included out of the box and the whole device weighs 370 grams.

Although the first generation Hudl left much to be improved on, it was still an okay tablet for those of us with little cash flow.  Let’s hope that the new one has more competitive specs with the same low price and it might be a decent little machine.   We shall just have to wait and see on the 3rd of October.

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SOURCE: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2014/09/tesco-launch-tesco-hudle-2-tablet-october-3rd.html