All the waiting is now finally over and done with. The iPhone 6 has arrived, but if you want to fully use the new NFC chip, then you need to hang fire a while.  The NFC chip inside the new iPhone 6 series of Smartphones is currently restricted to ApplePay only.  It was long rumoured the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would both come with NFC.

Apple's iPhone 6 NFC Will Only Spport ApplePay Inititally.

Apple’s iPhone 6 NFC Will Only Spport ApplePay Inititally.


Apple’s competitors have released devices with NFC before now, but it is the first time for an Apple Smartphone to have the technology.  Unfortunately though, you will not be able to play with just any NFC-enabled product at the moment.

Under normal circumstances, if a product has NFC enabled, then it can be used for all sorts of things, such as pairing with other devices like speakers and NFC tags for quick launching applications etc. But, with the iPhone 6, Apple has restricted the NFC chip to operate only with ApplePay, their new contactless payment system.

Rapid NFC, an NFC tag provider states,”At the moment, there isn’t any open access to the NFC controller. There is currently no NFC APIs in the iOS 8GM SDK – which would indicate that the NFC capability will be restricted to Apple Pay at launch.”