Apple always has one or two problems with new updates to the iPhone design, the iPhone 4 had antenna issues and easily cracked with double glass, the iPhone 5 had faulty buttons and battery life and the iPhone 6…bends.

The reports started coming from users who had the iPhone 6 Plus inside their pockets, when taking it back out, they noticed the phone had started to bend. Reports appear to be more on the iPhone 6 Plus than the iPhone 6, due to its larger size.

iPhone 6 Bending

YouTubers started posting videos of the iPhone 6 Plus easily being bent under pressure. This went from bending it with hands to reconstructing putting the phone in your pocket and seeing how long it took to bend.

The results are almost unanimous, even though most users take special care with their new iPhones, it looks like unless you own a case or do not put your phone is your pocket, it is hard not to bend the iPhone 6 Plus.

This is not the first phone to bend, but since it is Apple people have started the #BendGate, a play on the #GamersGate and other “Gate” hashtags, involving a controversial topic. BendGate has been some of the worst PR Apple could have hoped for, mocking the new design heavily.

The major reason the iPhone 6 Plus bends rather easily is due to two factors: one, Apple decided to build it 7.1 millimeters thin, making it extremely light and made of a thin sheet of aluminium; two, Apple did not put a magnesium case inside the iPhone 6 Plus, which is known for making phones more durable.

We expect Apple will make an official announcement later this month, announcing new refund or replacement options for customers affected. We would not be surprised to hear a small change on the design front for the iPhone 6 Plus, to fix the bending issue.