Apple’s September 9 event is just around the corner, but it looks like Cupertino will not have any surprises to show on the mobile side. French website Nowhereelse has released some more screenshots and a video of the 5.5-inch “iPhone Air”, apparently coming this year.

iPhone Air

Rumors of the iPhone Air have been growing in the past week, leading to speculation Apple will not hold off the launch of the 5.5-inch model until 2015. This could mean the iPhone Air will be announced at the September 9 event, alongside the 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

On the design front, the iPhone Air will look identical to the iPhone 6. The bottom will have the same seven hole speaker on the bottom and all of the buttons on the sides. Apple will not add any buttons onto the top of the device, given the larger size of the screen.

The 5.5-inch iPhone Air will be a direct competitor against the Galaxy Note 4 and other “phablet” products. Apple is obviously chasing after Samsung’s market share and the only way to do this is to offer better products in the same category.

The iPhone Air will have the sapphire crystal screen, full HD display and A8 chipset. The A8 chipset should come with some more processing horsepower, but early reports claim it will still have only 1GB of RAM, a little underwhelming against the Galaxy Note 4’s 3GB of RAM.

That being said, iOS has always been an optimised and light mobile operating system, especially against Android. If Apple thinks 1GB of RAM is all they need to power the device, we cannot really argue that point without seeing the phone in action.

Adding two new iPhone’s into the market at the same time might be bad for Apple, who have been known to cannibalise their own market. The iPad Mini showed that consumers are willing to completely switch for a cheaper option, and we expect the iPhone Air to be the more expensive of the two.

This might mean lacklustre sales for the phablet phone, similar to the iPhone 5C.

[Image via Nowhereelse]