The iWatch might be the biggest product announcement in the technology world this year, but this time Apple needs to worry about price. The iPhone and iPad came into the each market at the high-end price, but the technical advancement allowed that higher price tag to work.


This time, we cannot see the advancement of the iWatch being enough to really mark a $500+ price tag. Apparently, Apple executives feel the same way, in a report from Re/Code, Apple has added a $400 price tag to the iWatch, but will offer different models that may cost less.

Apple still has a $100 price increase compared to the Android Wear and Tizen OS wearables currently on offer, but hopefully like the iPhone and iPad, Apple will be able to show off some unique software features, combined with excellent hardware, to make it worth the extra $100.

The iWatch should come running a wearables version of iOS8. The team, lead by Jony Ive, has been working on battery life and making iOS8 run on the iWatch without any issues. The team has been working on it for around a year, so hopefully by now they will have a product that can last a few days.

Rumors have been conflicted when it comes to the launch date, but new reports say Apple will reveal the iWatch at the September 9 event, near the Flint Center in Cupertino. Apple is building a three floor structure for the event, making it feel like a special time.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone Air will be two other products attending the September 9 event. We are not sure if Apple is looking at the iPad and MacBook as possible launch products, reports say both of these product lines will be revealed at a later event in October.