Back in July LG announced a wearable for kids: the Kizon Smartwatch.  The tech allows parents to track and call their children directly.  The Kizon comes in a few designs and a couple of colours, blue and pink, which I assume is aimed at boys and girls respectively. The blue and pink Kizon Smartwatches feature a plastic body with a rubber strap and although they seem to be quite bulky, they are going to appeal to the primary school children market.

The Kizon looks like a toy but can do so much more than a few simple tech tricks.  The strap is closed with an popper-like fastening that is secure, which is great as kids lose everything.

Kizon will come in pink and blue.

Kizon will come in pink and blue.

The face of the ‘watch’ houses a speaker and a single button with a phone symbol on it. There is also a built-in Mic and a 3G connection so the Kizon can allow calls.

The Kizon has a micro-SIM slot, which sits on the left hand side of the device, and it has a feature called One Step Direct Call that allows the parent to call and speak to the child at any point in the day. The child can also call a single number using the button but this number can be changed with the app that accompanies the device.

On the right hand side of the device there is a charging port, which powers the 400mAh battery.  The battery is supposed to last 36 hours, but when it gets as low as 25 per cent, it will then send an alert to the parents.  Parents can also receive alerts throughout the day to be informed where the child is at certain times using the built-in GPS.

The LG Kizon Smartwatch also has Wi-Fi to enable real-time location information that can be given to parents for peace of mind.

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[Images via lgnewsroom & thenextweb]