Microsoft has officially acquired the studio behind Minecraft, Mojang, for $2.5 billion. This comes after weeks of speculation, with the Minecraft community going a little sour at the news a corporation will be picking them up.

The news was broke in a video, by Xbox Chief Phil Spencer, explaining why Microsoft acquired Mojang and the growth of the creators, as Minecraft became more and more popular.

From a small indie title, Minecraft has shot up to over 100 million sales on all platforms. Mojang distributes the PC and mobile edition, while 4J Studios works on the console. We believe the acquisition will not change the arrangement between 4J Studios and Mojang.

Minecraft’s leader, Markus Notch Persson, will not be going with the Mojang team to Xbox’s development studio, where games like Halo and Fable are developed. In his own statement, Notch said he was tired with the fame of Minecraft and wants to settle down and create smaller projects.


It feels like Notch got tired of the whole community surrounding Minecraft, he soon became a symbol for everything Minecraft, even though he had stopped working on the game in 2011, to pursue other smaller games.

Mojang will continue to work on iterating Minecraft, but we believe Microsoft has bigger goals for the game. They did say multi-platform releases will continue, even though some features like modding might come only to Xbox 360 and Xbox One, if it ever does.

It would be awesome if Microsoft found a way to port over mods from PC to console and add new mods for console only. Minecraft doesn’t look like it is going away any time soon, with $100 million in revenue from the game in 2013, it continues to grow and become more than just a video game.