I’ve played a lot of sports games in my life – in fact, some of my favorites come from the Madden and NBA 2K titles. There’s just something awesome about dominating in a virtual sport even when I’d have no chance on a real football field or basketball court. While I’d play each of the games a little differently (obviously), there’s still one thing I always did. I always created myself as a player. While it’s fun to play as someone else, it was also incredibly rewarding to see my own name on the back of a jersey, even if I was only living vicariously through a digital version of myself.  And while each of those games gave me an almost infinite amount of options to create myself, I could never really seem to get, well, me. Oh, my player looked similar, but it was also a lot different. (The beard and eyes were never quite right). Now, though, with NBA 2K15 at least, the game will actually scan your face to create a player.

So, if you game on a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, you can now create a player that will look just like you. Seriously, the examples I’ve seen are crazily accurate and have to almost be seen to be believed. Finally – we can all see what we’d really look like if we were in the NBA!

NBA 2K15 Scans Your Face To Create A Player

Will you be picking up the latest installment of NBA 2K15? It comes out on October 7th. Game on!

[Image via Operation Sports]

SOURCE: Bleacher Report