According to a survey carried out by the website, the Internet is the most important in-room amenity for travelers, so it stands to reason that finding out what speeds a hotel’s Wi-Fi offers is an important thing before making any bookings. Let’s face it, whether we are on holiday or travelling for business, there is nothing more annoying than being hampered by slow Internet speeds but a new browser extension is promising to help travelers by providing information on Wi-Fi speeds and quality, as well as the usual information that you are given about a hotel.

Hotel Wi-Fi Test

Hotel Wi-Fi Test is an extension that is available through Chrome and Firefox and shows Wi-Fi information when a user is searching for a hotel on,, and TripAdvisor.

“The Wi-Fi information block respects the style of each site, so it feels like a native element on the page,” Hotel Wi-Fi Test said in a release.

So next time you’re booking a hotel, it might be worth getting yourself this handy little browser extension before you book anything.

[Image via Adelaide Meridian]