There have been reports earlier this month, which claim Apple was making available their 12 inch MacBook Air in iPhone-style space gray and gold colours.  Apparently Apple will change from the current USB ports to the new slimmer and reversible USB Type C, which was only introduced last month by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group.


Will Apple Really Remove The Magsafe And Replace It Wit Something Else?

Will Apple Really Remove The Magsafe And Replace It With Something Else?

The new computer will also feature a “noticeably thinner design” and interestingly they have apparently removed the current MagSafe charging port? Questions would then arise regarding Lightning/conductive charging etc.  Further details in the report have fallen in line with previous rumours of a 12-inch MacBook Air that is coming with a Retina display that will be arriving next year with a fanless design: Apparently the new product is completely fanless and if this is so it thereby gives credence to the thinner design. So, what processor are Apple going to put in this ultra thin MacBook Air? Allegedly it will be Intel’s Broadwell processor line that will allow this change to be facilitated as they can operate at low temperatures and high performance without a heat sink.  The source of the info also said “the display bezels are noticeably thinner, quite similar to the current MacBook Pro Retina lineup”