As September 9th and the expected reveal of two new iPhone models inches ever closer to us, your chances at getting a really good price on your used iPhones are steadily decreasing. It only makes sense – why would someone pay top dollar for something that’s not the latest model? However, since the iPhone 6 hasn’t officially been revealed yet, there’s still a slim chance at making a small profit off of your old iPhone. But, if you want to get the best possible price for your used device, you’re going to have to act pretty quick or risk settling for a much smaller amount, because once the iPhone 6 hits the shelf, the 5c, while still a really good phone, is old product. And as we all know by now, most of us don’t want old product – we want the latest and greatest offering available.

So, just how much less are your used iPhones going to be worth? Well, if the findings by Gazelle are true, they lose about 20% of their value the month before a new iPhone is released.

Now's The Time To Sell Your Old iPhone


If you’re even remotely curious as to how much one of your old iPhones might fetch at market, here’s a handy little chart courtesy of Yahoo.

Now's The Time To Sell Your Old iPhone

In other words, if you’re thinking about selling your old iPhone, you might want to get on it right now.

[Images via imore & Yahoo]