Wholefoods has announced on Monday of this week that it is teaming up with a grocery delivery startup Instacart, to deliver items directly to shoppers’ homes with great speed.  In fact they say they can deliver goods to you in as quickly as one hour!  The option will initially be available at selected stores in Austin, Texas and Boston this month.  They have plans to expand into all the 15 cities that Instacart currently operates in nationwide in the future.

You can now get your Whole Foods via Instacart in one hour.

You can now get your Whole Foods via Instacart in one hour.

Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods said in a statement, “Instacart makes it extremely easy for our customers to buy Whole Foods Market products from 15 cities and have them quickly delivered — whether buying fresh ingredients for dinner tonight or sending healthy foods to loved ones in another city…We are thrilled to add this additional convenience for our customers.”

Instacart was founded by a former Amazon supply chain engineer back in 2012 and operates by Crowdsourcing deliveries using a fleet of personal shoppers in each area. Currently the startup has raised more than $50 million in funding

If you are interested in this service, you can place your grocery order on Instacart’s app or website and then select to the option to have it delivered within one hour, two hours or whenever is convenient for you.

The option to have things delivered in the same-day has become something that is a game changer in recent months with start-ups like Instacart and Postmates in competition against fresh efforts from larger retailers such as Amazon, and Google. It has been reported that Google is ready to invest $500 million to expand their same-day delivery service, Google Shopping Express, across the US.  Interestingly Whole Foods was also an early testing partner for Google Shopping Express in San Francisco.

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