Last year, Oppo was known as a startup Chinese manufacturer, but we have learned a lot about the company in 2014. For one, they own the startup OnePlus, who developed the OnePlus One, a favorite among Android fans.

The Chinese manufacturer has two smartphones lines, the N and Find. It looks like we will be getting a new version of the N shortly. Named the Oppo N3, the new leak shows a radical redesign from the predecessor, the Oppo N1.

Oppo N3

Oppo N3 keeps the same rotating camera, adding the same sensor to the back and front. Users will be able to manipulate the camera using the camera app, the same as last time. The sensor is rounded this time, fitting into a rounded speaker on the top.

The design is quite jarring, with the extruded sphere on the top. Oppo has made seamless lines from the speaker/camera to the display, to the bezels on the side. The Oppo N3 also has a very small bezel, offering a full edge-to-edge display.

It looks like the Oppo N3 will feature software and physical keys, despite the weird top, it is definitely one of the best looking designs this year. Knowing Oppo, we are sure we will see a 2K display and high-end specifications, to match what is currently on the market.

The Oppo N3 might not have the same hype as the Find successor. It seems like the N line is used for more prototype design and ideas, making it more of a niche product.

We are still not fully convinced about this leak, since there has been another leak that showed a more original design. GSM Arena does say it is a trusted source sending them the information, hopefully that will be true.

[Image via Kejixen]