We all do embarrassing things – some people more than others. I’m speaking of the really embarrassing things, though, like asking a woman how far along she is in her pregnancy only to find out she’s not pregnant at all (not that I’ve done that). Pinterest has recently found themselves in some embarrassing water after it came out that they accidentally sent all kinds of congratulatory marriage emails to single women. The emails were all about wedding invitations among other things, and said something along the lines of, “Congrats! You’re getting married!” I can’t imagine everyone who got the erroneous emails having a chuckle about it – some probably didn’t appreciate being reminded of the status of their love life. At the same time, though, I’m sure a lot of people had a good laugh at Pinterest’s expense.

So, how did the email mishap even happen in the first place? Well, Pinterest obviously remembers what their users pin, so it’s easy to imagine the program thinking that people who pinned lots of wedding things had a wedding in the future. While that may have seemed like a safe assumption, we all know how bad our assumptions can be. Check out one of the emails below.

Pinterest Accidentally Sends Marriage Congrats To Singles

That’s pretty bad, huh? What do you think? Pinterest has since apologized for the mix-up.