When I graduated from high school, cell phones were just starting to get popular. Every student didn’t have one, no one could look at the internet in class or get on Facebook (it didn’t even exist yet), and I can’t remember texting being all that big of a deal if it was even common in those days. What was a big deal was “2-Way” calling, where people would use their phone like a walkie-talkie. Students having cell phones was such a new concept when I was in school that I don’t remember the school having any kind of written policies regarding student’s use of them. Obviously, if a kid was being disruptive in class, they’d tell him/her to put it away, but it was never a big deal. How times have changed. In schools today, if a student is caught using their cell phone in class, most schools will take away the phone until the end of the day when it has to be picked up in the office. Ideally, this process goes smoothly, students get their phones back, and everyone goes home happy. However, when a 10th grade high-school student from Texas recently got her phone taken away, it didn’t go very smoothly, and ended with the police forcefully taking her down to the ground.

Police Take Down Student For Not Giving Up Phone In School

Ixel Perez is a 10th grader at Sam Houston High School in Texas. She was caught using her phone while in class, and did not hand it over as the school’s policy dictated. As a result, the school got the police involved. Video taken from a classmate clearly shows 3 police officers attempting to subdue Perez, who only weighs 70 pounds, onto the ground. You can see the video for yourself below.

She states she knows she broke the school’s rule regarding cell phone use while in class, but states she was only trying to view a text message from her father regarding her sick mother.

Do you think the police needed to use such force over the use of a cell phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Image via EndTimeUpdates]