The ability to print documents from a computer (or phone, tablet, whatever) is great in today’s world. But you know what, unless you have a printer right there on top of your desk, chances are you’re still going to have to get up out of your office chair to go and get your printed items. Now if you have an errand-boy or errand-girl to get your documents, that’s not a problem, but for most of us out there who aren’t so lucky, we still have to get up and walk to the printer several times a day. And while it’s great for exercise, it really cuts into the productivity after a while, and if multiple people are printing things at the same time, quite the traffic jam can happen around the printer. But what if the printer could just bring things to you after you hit the “print” button? That would solve the traffic jams, the productivity interruptions, and maybe most of all, it would just be neat to see. Well, thanks to a collaboration between Fuji and Xerox, there is now a robot printer out there who will do just that.

Fuji Xerox created this mobile printer as a way to help keep private documents private. As we all know, when multiple people share a printer, it’s not all that hard to see what everyone else is printing, and in a legal or medical facility, things can get messy in a hurry. Have a look at Mr. Robot Printer below.

Robot Printer Brings Papers To Your Desk

The printer even has imbedded tech which helps it to avoid running into other people and/or things in the room. And, it won’t just give the documents to anyone – whoever printed must scan a special card in order to retrieve the documents. While this all sounds great to me, some don’t think the printer’s very cost effective when it comes to other printing methods.

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