Sony has a lot on their plate for IFA 2014 next week, not only does the Japanese company plan to launch the Xperia Z3, but the Xperia Z3 Compact and new wearables should be on the menu, alongside the Smartwatch 3 and SmartBand Talk.

These two new wearables will be announced later in the event, after Sony has announced their flagship smartphone. The Smartwatch 3 will be Sony’s first Android Wear device, after previously using their own custom OS on wearables. smartwatch 3 and smartband It looks like the custom OS did not work out too well for Sony, considering only six months ago they revealed they would not work on Android Wear. Something down the line has changed Sony’s opinion of Google’s own wearables OS. On the low resolution render posted up, the Sony Smartwatch 3 appears to be focused on fitness, rather than fashion. This goes against the current trend on Android Wear, with both LG and Motorola developing smartwatches for fashion. The SmartBand Talk is bound to be another fitness band with some voice recognition capabilities, hence the “Talk” in the name. We are not holding out too much for the SmartBand Talk, a lot of fitness bands have come and gone without any love. IFA 2014 will also be the host of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 announcement and LG’s G Watch R reveal. Both of these announcements will be big, the Galaxy Note 4 more-so, due to the amount of units Samsung is planning to sell this year and next. Sony’s press event should happen on September 4 2014, one day after Samsung’s own.