Aside from the two new iPhone models Apple announced this past Tuesday, Apple also announced the upcoming release of the Apple Watch. Long been rumored, the iWatch Apple Watch is set to come out sometime in 2015. It will connect to the iPhone 6’s, as well as the iPhone 5c/5s. If you’d like to read more about its features and price, you can read Techbeat’s article covering all of the details. While many are undoubtedly excited about Apple’s newest reveal, there seems to be one big frustration that many will most likely have with the Apple Watch, and it concerns its battery life. In my opinion, the good thing about a watch is that you don’t have to charge it – you just pop in the battery and it goes. and goes. and goes. Until you need a new battery, that is. Not so with the Apple Watch. (I really want to call it the iWatch. Am I alone in that desire?)

It seems you’ll have to charge it every night if you want it to last you the next day. Nat Kerris, an Apple spokesperson, stated that they plan on owners charging the watches nightly with an “innovative charging solution”. It’s bad enough I have to charge my phone every night – I’m not sure I also want to plug in my wristwatch. But that’s just me.

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[Image via ABlogToWatch]

SOURCE: The Verge