While the Xbox One has been available in the United States for almost a year, gamers in China haven’t been so lucky. In fact, they haven’t been lucky at all since the year 2000 in the video game department – that was when China decided to outlaw foreign video game consoles due to potential mental health problems that could develop in children. This was going to be a huge release for Microsoft, as it would be the first foreign console to be released in China since 2000. It was originally scheduled to be released on 9/23/14, but due to unknown reasons the launch date is being pushed back, though Microsoft assures everyone that it’s only a slight delay and not an outright cancellation. In fact, they’re even promising an extra bonus to Chinese gamers who’ve already preordered the Xbox One, though they’re keeping tight-lipped about what that bonus is going to be.

Xbox One Launch Stalled In China

Though Microsoft hasn’t given an exact date that the Xbox One will now release, they did state they’re hopeful it will be before the end of 2014. Here’s to hoping their prediction rings true!

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SOURCE: Geekwire