If you’ve been put off 3D TV because of the ridiculous looking 3D glasses, then take a look at these clever GIFs. There is nothing magical about these eye popping images, they are just standard GIFs, however by cleverly adding a couple of white vertical lines your brain is tricked into believing that they are actually 3D. This clever optical illusion works by establishing a marker for an image’s foreground, therefore convincing the brain that the lines are closer to you than the actual image. When an object crosses the front of the line, then your brain thinks that the object is jumping out at you.

There is nothing different about each of these GIFs, they are just standard images with a couple of vertical lines drawn on, however it’s the way your brain processes the image that makes it special. Maybe we should all paint a couple of white lines down our TV screens, it would save buying a 3D TV don’t you think?

Be 'Brave', the arrow won't hit you!

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