Finally, Adobe has announced its new collection of apps that are currently accessible on the Apple App Store. Adobe has decided to focus on making its mobile software simple and easy to use.  There are four types that sync with the desktop PC: Illustration, Imaging, Video and Creative Cloud Capture Apps (a new platform).

To begin, Illustration has two components. Illustrator Line, which “gives users access to their favourite vector drawing tools and features in a modern, streamlined interface, high-fidelity integration with Illustrator CC and enhanced support for Adobe Ink and Slide,” and Illustrator Draw, which fits in with the new app, Draw now.  It “gives creatives new features for perfectly distributing shapes as they draw, plus the ability to send sketches to Illustrator CC, where they have full access to their original vector paths for editing.”


Secondly, Imaging has three exciting aspects.  Photoshop Sketch is similar to the Adobe Sketch app.  It fits in with Photoshop and the Illustrator app on your desktop to create a drawing apparatus.  Using Sketch, you can draw with your fingers or a stylus and send them to the cloud.  You can then use them as part of your workflow.  Photoshop Mix is an editing tool, which comes with layer management as well as manipulation of assets.  Lightroom Mobile, for the iPad and iPhone, is adding a social aspect to it, which allows people to comment and share photos. As well, you can coordinate GPS for photos between your desktop and mobile device.

Thirdly, Video is also updating with Premiere Clip, a video editing tool on iOS.  It allows you to make basic edits, like audio and a few effects, on both iPhone and iPad with easy syncing with your desktop Premiere app.

Lastly, Capture Apps includes three different aspects.  Brush creates brushes based on images you already have.  Shape lets you create shapes for Desktop apps and Color “allows creatives to capture colors and save them as themes that are immediately available in other Adobe applications, including Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.”

Anyone who already has a Creative Cloud subscription can access these new applications now.  They are free to existing subscribers.

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[Image via Macworld]