With the invention of the ‘phablet’ , clothing is having to adapt.  Fashion retailers are finding their pockets to be too small for the new larger sized smartphones.

iphone pockets

Perhaps the complaints about the new iPhone 6+ bending in restricted pockets has triggered this new fashion statement.  However, what smartphone fits comfortably in the front pocket of jeans anyways?

Which large retailers are anxious to accommodate the new phablet craze? Uniqlo stated, “We are having conversation currently with the product development team regarding technology overall, and how our clothes can provide compatibility from a user perspective. Jean pockets is one of those conversations.”

American Eagle has already accommodated male customers with larger smartphone-holding pockets but are now considering furthering this luxury for women as well.

Levi’s has said,“Without being iPhone 6-specific, our mantra, like [Steve Jobs’], will always be to design products that make people’s lives a little better.”

J. Crew is also considering special pockets that will allow the iPhone 6 to be carried comfortably.

But why change the average size pocket?  The iPhone has proved that it is here to stay.  Perhaps this is a wise move by the fashion industry.  Don’t fight it, embrace it!

The iPhone 6 is just the beginning of larger sized smartphones.  The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a screen of almost 6 and a half inches.  The 6.3 inch Samsung Galaxy Mega is also of larger proportions.  Not to mention, the growing list of 6 inch screens from LG to Nokia.

Perhaps the future of fashion will be a choice of pocket size when buying your newest pair of trousers or shirts.  We will have to wait and see.

[Image via: phonearena]

SOURCE: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/bigger-phones-bigger-pockets-fashion-retailers-redesign-trousers-for-iphone-6-plus-9767547.html