A little over nine months have passed since the joint venture between privacy specialists Silent Circle and the team which brought people the first Firefox OS hardware; Geeksphone, teamed up to announce to the world the ultra secure mobile phone, Blackphone.

The Blackphone is apparently the most secure phone on the market today. I say apparently because it didn’t take too long at all to successfully gain root access without unlocking the bootloader. The @TeamAndIRC at the Black Hat Security Conference were the proud team to perform the hack.


SGP Technologies is going to launch a high-end tablet running the secure PrivatOS. The company is aware that getting the distribution correct is essential, but it is still likely to be somewhat expensive considering the strong security involved.

Chief technology officer of Silent Circle, Jon Callas, has confirmed the tablet’s existence and explained that it will “have the features people who use it every day will demand from it.”

The security features for some people is a massive issue, but you are going to want a few applications on your nice new shiny Blackphone tablet, aren’t you? The Blackphone does not have Google Play; the only ways to get apps are through another provider, so how is this issue going to be addressed? Who knows?

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SOURCE: http://www.talkandroid.com/222736-makers-of-the-secure-blackphone-are-launching-a-tablet/