Destiny has hit a bit of controversy in the past week, with questions on where the original 2013 story went after Joe Staten, the Creative Director for Destiny, left the studio to work at Microsoft Studios. To hit the icing on the cake for people who don’t like the game, now we have a leaked bug showing two of the upcoming DLCs, The Dark Below and The House of Wolves, are both partially on the Destiny disc.

Why is this controversial? People don’t like Day 1 DLC, it means you pay $59.99 for an incomplete experience and you already know the developer is preparing another $14.99 payment for you next month, which is even worse because Destiny’s story is incomplete.


The two DLC packs are also already functioning and part-playable on the disc. Places like Jovian Complex, Kings Watch, Bunker RAS2, Serapham Vault already have functioning areas and enemies, and in Jovian Complex and Kings Watch there are mini-boss waiting to be fought.

This is not the end of DLC for Destiny though, Bungie and Activision signed a ten year deal to make Destiny a decade long franchise, and we expect they will pay the bills with endless DLC in the years to come, potentially two to three new packs per year.

If all goes well, Bungie will be able to make around the same amount of revenue per active player as someone in WoW or any other subscription based MMO pays, all through DLC, expansion packs, weapon upgrades and other miscellaneous advantages.

It is a real shame to see Destiny is nothing more than a empty chapter at the moment, and people are paying $59.99 to hear main characters say “I don’t have time to explain” and “I could tell you”, leaving a mystery of the story that could be yours for $19.99 in a few months.