Can an app tell someone if they are too drunk to consent to sex? Santon Technologies has boldly come up with Good2Go: an app that determines, from a series of questions, whether someone can consent to sex.


Before the two ‘hook up’, the app should be consulted.  It asks, “Are you Good2Go?”  The user is given three choices: “yes”, “no”or “yes, but…”

Answering “yes”triggers a new question: “How drunk are you?”  The next four options are, “sober”, “mildly intoxicated”, “intoxicated but Good2Go”or “pretty wasted.”

Answering “pretty wasted”causes the app to reject consent for sex.  If any other option is chosen, then the user must enter their phone number to prove their identity and consent is granted.

Lee Ann Allman, the maker of Good2Go, hopes that the app will“help people make responsible choices”and limit sexual assaults on university campuses, a place where many drunken one-night stands (not always consensual) occur.

Currently,  California’s recent‘yes means yes’law has confirmed consent as “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.”  The release of this app coincides with this law.

The major question is, who will actually use this app? If students are so wasted that they can’t consent to sex, are they able to answer a five minute questionnaire?

What about the app’s privacy policy? Good2Go can share names and phone numbers with the local police, email marketers and third-party service providers.

Allman stated: “To be clear, it is not our policy to disclose these records to just anyone.”

Who knows if this app will help reduce sexual assaults?  But it is free to anyone who wants to use it on iOS and Android devices.

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