, the Seattle-based organization, wants 100 million students to learn the fundamentals of computer science and in order to help them reach their goal,  they have just launched a crowdfunding campaign, which is aiming to raise $5 million. Hopefully they can help 100 million students from all over the globe have one hour of coding lessons.

The initiative is going ahead through its Hour of Code program and has already helped more than 44 million students learn to code. But, in order to reach the 100 million mark, the non-profit organization requires extra financial support to help to train educators worldwide and reach the 90 percent of schools that, unfortunately don’t teach computer science as part of the curriculum. has numerous big manes in the industry backing them. has numerous big manes in the industry backing them.

The initiative is raising interest from some massive names in the industry. Over 29 companies, including Microsoft, Google, and, have already partnered up with for the campaign.  Redfin, Zillow, Whitepages and Seattle-based Zulily are also participating in the campaign.