The Guidecentral Maker Program assists all kinds of crafters to earn money by sharing their DIY projects with a community of Makers that spans the globe. Currently there are over 3000 guides, which are shared with a ever increasing community of 100,000 crafters.

The original program was launched back in March of this year and due to its massive success, the company are expanding the platforms that are available to use by makers. More importantly, the benefits have also been increased by introducing a secondary tier of earnings.

Guidecentral now allows users to produce DIY projects on iOS, Android and on the web. The vision of the Guidecentral team is to connect makers from all across the globe, and following this outlook they have made the decision to expand the service by offering new platforms for users; “We offer the same experience across all platforms, allowing users to consume, create and earn money regardless of their device or operating system.”


When a maker posts a new project, users will now earn extra money every time the community engages and likes their projects. This is on top of earning money each time they post a new project. The great thing about the extra money a maker can earn is that it has no cap to it, so in theory, a maker can earn a massive amount of cash. Currently the top makers earn hundreds of dollars per month from their craftwork.


The system works in a similar way to how the video bloggers earn revenue with YouTube playbacks. The Maker Program from Guidecentral will allow makers to earn revenue with guide likes.

At the recent launch event in Dublin, Ireland, five local makers; Aoife Greene (Designs by Freya), Tina O’Rourke (Miss Daisy’s Dolls), Maria Ryan (Lollipops & Daydreams), Carrie Hamilton (Hamilton Bear) and Sinead Deegan (Hooked on Wool), showcased their handiwork to a selected crowd of 50 journalists and DIY hobbyists.

The company was founded by former Google and YouTube employees and raised 650k in seed funding. They launched over two years ago, in 2012 and the service has now expanded to include Android,  iOS, Kindle  and on the Web. Why not check it out?

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SOURCE: Guidecentral