Are you constantly being distracted while trying to write? Facebook, Instagram- it all serves as something else to do other than what you should be doing: working!

Typewriters were once the popular choice for writers and secretaries alike! But just before computers became popular, portable word processors or electric typewriters, were quite popular.

These products were a cross between a laptop and a typewriter. They had small monochrome screens, minimal editing functions and some even offered floppy disk storage although their internal storage was practically nonexistent.

Distracted whilst you work? Maybe you should try working on a Hemmingwrite?

The Hemingwrite distraction free word processor typewriter is the newest craze amongst writers. It is a new and improved crossbreed of a laptop and typewriter. Although its functionality surpasses the old portable word processors, you will not find a game or other distraction on it. It’s purpose is simple. To allow you to write without distraction

You even get that satisfying click of the keys as you type up your masterpiece. The e-ink display even allows you to see in dim lighting.

Although it looks retro, lets not confuse it with retro technology. You can back up your writing to the cloud through wifi, it works with other word processing software (such as Google Docs), the battery life works up to 6 weeks and it has enough internal storage to keep over a million pages of your writing safe and sound.

Better yet, you can feel like a real writer as you carry your Hemingwrite into the local Starbucks. While you sip on a Latte and finish your latest piece, people will envy your obvious writer status. Just be careful not to spill your tasty beverage all over your brand new Hemingwrite!

So the question is, will the Hemingwrite’s price reflect retro costs? We shall have to wait and see.