Apple sure knows how to make a guy feel old. Do you remember your first iPod? Well, it turns out that as of 10/23/2001, the original iPod is officially 13 years-old. I can still remember a friend of mine owning an iPod while I was much too broke as a 17-year-old to afford one. But, it was no problem because I always borrowed his. And, later, when I got to college, I simply borrowed a dorm mate’s iPod whenever I wanted to listen to some tunes while I was out and about. It didn’t take me long at all to fall in love with the portable music player. Everything from the scroll click wheel to the overall shape of the thing appealed to me. The only thing that didn’t appeal to me? The price. It took me until I was around 24 before I actually shelled out the cash and bought my own iPod. And you know what? I never once regretted it. Until it went through the washer, that is.

ipod 1


No matter its name, shape, size, or model, the iPod has consistently been successful where others have come and gone. Happy belated Birthday, iPod!

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